Mental Health Networking….

This afternoon was spent in the company of some really inspiring people. I was invited to a place called Maytree, in North London.

What is Maytree and what do they do?

Maytree is a UK wide sanctuary for suicidal people. The front of the building is unremarkable, just like a normal terraced house. But inside, it’s been converted into four rooms, a meeting room, a kitchen and a small office.

Maytree take suicidal people in as a one off safe haven, for either four or five weeks. They are a charity and rely on donations. It is amazing that there is very little else like this in the whole of the UK. Reading their statistics was illuminating. They got a lot of calls and people staying in the month of August, more than any other month. Now for everyone that thinks that the winter months are bad for people with mental illness, then that theory has been debunked. August – a time for holidays, free time and summer warmth. Who’d have thought it?

I sat and chatted with a few other invitees and was fascinated by a particular lady who is full of amazing ideas and great vision about how we perceive mental health. I told her about my presentations and hey presto, I’ve been invited to an event in South London in a few weeks.

She had a business card. I didn’t! I had to write my details down on a piece of card. I’m not upwardly mobile to afford business cards, but who knows in the future? We got chatting and I was really fascinated with her ideas and vision. She certainly was no shrinking violet and I like those sort of people.

What happened in the Autumn of last year was one 25 second video from yours truly on Instagram has seen me invited to a variety of events. Networking you see. One person meets another, then another, then another and all of a sudden, doors open in the most unlikely of manners. I hope I can do myself justice in a few weeks. Looking forward to it already.

So a really good afternoon. The weather is perfect, and the Maytree Open Day gave me some inspiration that we can change the narrative around mental illness and turn negativity into positivity. Here’s hoping.

A.S.D Brooks

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