The beauty of variety….

I give some of my mental health presentations in some interesting and varied locations. I’ve been to a community centre in West London, local schools, a construction site office, a homeless persons project (yesterday) and today? An allotment…..

Bear with me on this. I was asked to go to speak at a project which helps people with mental health issues partake in gardening, growing stuff and then eating the produce. The great outdoors as they say. Though today wasn’t a day for the great outdoors. Howling winds, rain and those lovable grey skies. Fortunately, there was a portakabin for us to present in. I certainly couldn’t have stood outside in the ghastly weather which prevails today.

First of all, we had a very delicious winter warmer of soup. Chock full of vegetables, with a hint of curry powder and coconut milk, it certainly provided a nice bit of sustenance and a buffer to the cold outside.

Then it was on with the presentation. Again, we had plenty of questions, plenty of discussion and the audience of around 15-20 people were well informed. As time was pressing, we did cut a little bit of the work but I think everyone seemed to enjoy it, and they enjoyed the quiz and pictures of celebrities who have mental health issues. Thought provoking and real life. Again I just tried to be as honest and straight down the line as possible.

So the beauty of this presentation work is the variance in the places where I go to. But if the audiences are there and want to listen, then I’ll go anywhere really, just as long as there’s more soup! We were well looked after and the last two days have given me a little bit of a lift after what has been a very difficult spell. I’ve met some excellent people and I hope I’ve come across well and explain what it’s like to live with everyday struggles, like Adult Aspergers. Enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable.

Glad to be home now and out of these fierce winds. But a good couple of days all in all.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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