Time to Talk….

Hi. This is a UK wide initiative to talk about mental health. Mental health is still a taboo subject in the UK and people try to avoid talking about it. But the more we talk and talk about our feelings in comfortable environments, then the less the dependency on the NHS and the prescribing of medication. That is a personal opinion by the way, not one that’s been drummed into me.

Today, I was back doing something I enjoy. Presenting. Presenting at a small event locally for a homeless persons project. It was a late call up to do this, and me and the line manager weren’t quite sure what to expect. But we prepared a presentation and I think it worked very well. It weren’t just me yakking for two hours, we invited discussion and healthy discussion at that.

Boy was it a small room. But we coped. I hope we came across well and represented the organisation. It certainly made me feel better than on recent days. Plus the fact it’s a sunny day, albeit very breezy, has added to the general good feeling today. Though it was a last minute job, I take away this old adage “Knowledge is Power”. I like to think I know what I’m talking about on mental health, and that eased me into the work.

The homeless people we met were pleasant, good natured and determined. They’ve not had an easy time of it, for whatever reason. But I can identify with them for the way the establishment treats them. I hope in a small way, that I was able to give my thoughts honestly and robustly, and that they enjoyed it. I think they did.

So a rare good day. But are you talking about mental health and improving your wellbeing? Well today is a good way to start.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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