A little update….

Hi. Well not a lot going on really at the moment. Sent off my evidence to overturn that decision to withdraw one of my welfare benefits the other day. Just a question of watching and waiting.

Today, it was off to the hospital. The hospital are keeping an eye on my general condition, pertaining to sleep apnea and polythycemia. The doctor I saw today said that I do have polythycemia. What the cause is, we don’t know at the moment. Sleep apnea is an avenue they are exploring as a cause of the polythycemia. A primary cause, such as bone marrow disorder, has been ruled out.

I do wake up feeling quite groggy most days, and the sleepiness is there for most of the day. The hematocrit level (or red blood cells to you and me) is on the borderline where action has to be taken. Next week, I have to have a venesection, where 500ml of blood is removed. I had one last June, and it did me some good for a while. But once winter arrives, the blood thickens and the problems start again. Some days I just feel physically crap from the moment I wake up.

I will book an appointment to the respiratory clinic so they can decide whether sleep apnea is the cause of the polythycemia. So we are a little further along the road in identifying the cause of this issue. Nobody can testify whether I do wake up during the night gasping for breath, except that a room mate from the Portugal Cricket trip said that I did. I live on my own, so I can’t give a definitive answer on whether I have this problem. Again, a case of watching and waiting.

So just a little update. Nothing will happen yet on the benefits issue, I’m not expecting it to. There’s still a lot of uncertainty and an unsettled nature to my life presently. It will right itself at some point, but that’s looking a long way off right now.

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