Getting even…..and trying not to get mad

Hello. Didn’t feel like going out today. But I’m glad I did. Had a particular task to do.

The task was to collate all the paperwork to be sent off to appeal the decision to stop one of my welfare benefits. It took a while and a lot of photo copying, to get everything together. There are some 60-70 pages of stuff stretching back over nine years there. And some particular points I want taking notice of were highlighted with a marker pen. I will make these so called decision makers sit up and take notice. And it will be a fight to the bitter end, if needs be.

I also couched a letter to request that they look at the decision again. It was firm, reasonably polite, but setting out my misgivings over this. I also added that the decision to withdraw has had an impact on my mental well being, added to the fact that I had some suicidal ideations over the weekend. They have subsided, for now, while I take this fight to those in power. But there’s no guarantee that they won’t come back.

I wasn’t confrontational or antagonistic in the letter. I just set out what the situation is and the inconsistencies and unfairness in their many judgments going back to 2012. If I have to show up the undoubted flaws in this very arbitrary assessment process, then those in power need to be exposed. The whole system is folly.

I got round to reading the report that the assessor wrote today. It was, quite frankly, a lot of bollocks. Lots of repetition, lots of waffle and no account of how I’ve been. It didn’t tell me anything that was relevant at all. It seemed that I was going to be scored 0 points, no matter how I felt. Apparently I can converse with shopkeepers (??????), not walk into furniture (??????) and I can get on public transport with no problem. I don’t like crowds of people and I try and travel to appointments outside of rush hour.

Anyway, the letter and the evidence will give them plenty to think about. If they want a fight, then they’ve got one. And I’m prepared for that fight until my mental health completely suffers and I no longer have the strength. We’ll see.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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