Nerves on edge….but determined

Afternoon. Still feeling rather jittery, on edge and wondering what is going on so far in 2019. But beneath all the upset, the aggravation and pain, is a determination to succeed against ever mounting odds.

Take today. I’ve been sifting through paperwork to find out about council tax and housing benefit claims and how to get in touch with the local council. Easier said than done those last seven words of the last sentence.

On the phone, waiting, waiting. Listening to the incredibly annoying lift Muzak that plays while the time fritters away fruitlessly. I then decided to go on line to report a change of circumstances to the council. I filled it in thoroughly and thought I’d sent it off. Wrong.

I tried ringing again, and finally a human voice answered. She told me, very politely and decently, that they don’t deal with change in circumstances over the phone but online. And another but. Filling in the form from an iPhone isn’t the best option. Use a laptop, which I did. The form has been submitted, no further evidence is required. Phew. A hoop jumped through successfully. Just let the council deal with the issue, and remember my own personal adage; honesty pays.

Pleased at doing that. Determination to get this sorted out. But that’s only the start. The appeal against the decision to stop the benefit will follow soon. I’ve been in this situation twice before and came through, and I will do so again.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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