Fighting talk….

The last month and especially the last few days seen me likened to a boxer trapped on the ropes. Nowhere to go as life’s punches were starting to rain down on me.

Well today has seen that boxer come back off the ropes and starting to punch back. Before I go on, I am using the boxing thing as an analogy, I’m very much a pacifist and hate any kind of fighting. I’m not that sort of aggressive person at all! Direct and punchy with words, but not deeds.

Anyway, as I was saying, I got some things done today and have elicited some help in my battle mark III against those who try to bring me down. I didn’t go to my usual Monday night umpires course but the week off will do me good. It will be something to focus on next week when I may well be tutoring; something I can at least say I’m ok at.

Yes, fighting back and not allowing to get too bogged down today. Feeling just a little more positive that I have some people on my side and willing to help. Adversity can be a strength for me, I’ve been through it quite a few times and built up layers of protection. At the weekend I was in a dark place and feeling lost and helpless, but today is a bit different. The good times will return at some point. As someone famous once said “Now is the time to do….”. Who was that? Name escapes me for now…..

Hoping for a decent night’s sleep and it will be a lot more restful than the last few nights.

Night all

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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