From the ridiculous to the sublime……

Hello. Getting back into the swing of things, but it isn’t always easy of course.

Take last night for example. Monday night Umpires Course. My colleague did the first half of the lesson, and that went well, beautifully explained and described. Then it was my turn. I was stymied by a question from the floor, but I got out of that conundrum with a little help.

Then I completely stuffed up a very basic law and confused the hell out of the students. I managed to correct myself and had to embarrassingly apologise to all. It certainly wasn’t one of my best performances. Not quite sure why, after all, I’m not perfect. Just one of those things, but I was annoyed with myself for groping in the dark in trying to get something right. These things happen.

Onto today. Back at SANE and I was struggling from the moment I woke up. Felt pretty dreadful and it took me a long time for the brain to start working today. But like a car on a cold morning, the brain eventually kicked into life and I completed all my tasks set (four or five of them) with minimum of fuss and lots of efficiency. Now that’s better. It’s as though settling back into a favourite armchair!

So a bit happier now. Things take a lot more time as the years advance. Hopefully this is the routine I can happily settle back into.

Bye for now.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...