Whisper it quietly….

Whisper it quietly….I’ve had a good weekend, better than the awful one last week.

Why the difference? Perhaps a good night out last night with some friends, having a laugh and letting all the tension and upset drain away. Perhaps, perhaps.

Perhaps a good night’s sleep has helped as well. That is rare for me. I slept pretty soundly and I woke up in a reasonable frame of mind, still chuckling away at some of the banter and jokes on offer last night.

And that goodish mood has persisted for most of the day. I’ve watched some snooker on the TV (one of my favourite sports), and I’m ready for bed now. It seems as though it’s been a difficult spell since the 17th December. Tough days and on those days, feeling pretty ropey. Low mood and tearful too. But yesterday and today has partially depressed that reset button. We’ll see over the next few days whether this upward trend continues.

But I’ll take it. I’ll take any half decent day at the moment.

Night all

A.S.D Brooks

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