Gotta lotta bottle…..

Evening. Well a much needed boost came in the form of a quiz night tonight. Myself and some umpiring colleagues went to a local hall to partake. Now I’m very out of practice. Need my general knowledge brushing up, amongst other things.

The whole evening was brilliant, a laugh from start to finish. And…….we won! By a whopping six points. I had no luck betting on the horses earlier and thought my luck was out for the day. I ended up winning a raffle prize of a bottle of Merlot (my favourite red wine) and the winning prize of a bottle of white wine. I can get drunk tomorrow….ha ha.

But seriously, a terrific evening amongst friends, lots of banter and jokes, and the chicken and chips (prepared in house) was superb too. It’s those sort of evenings that do make life worthwhile sometimes. But then I have to turn the key in that lock and I’m back to my solitary kind of life. It goes to prove the winning mentality (sadly mislaid for a long time) has returned.

Red… wine….come back to me…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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