Closed for Lunch…..

Thursday is meant to be Peer Support day. The day when I help run a group that all have lived experience of mental illness.

Well that’s the theory out of the way, what about the practice? At the moment, there is no group running. For a variety of reasons, people have stopped showing up. So for the last three Thursdays (except Christmas week), I have gone in to the office to greet precisely zero people.

We do have some ideas in the pipeline for an improvement to this difficulty. Getting into the office for a 10.30 am start is difficult enough, this morning being particularly difficult. Traffic jams, queues of people and the bus limping along with the grace of an arthritic tortoise. There could be a time change…..but we’ll see.

So frustration again. Another cancelled morning, so I’ve headed off to a pub for an early lunch. Nice food, a glass of red wine, and idle chatter from the slightly more venerable clientele providing a nice accompaniment.

Trying to get myself out of this deep abyss that I have seemed to have fallen into. Last week wasn’t great. The weekend was dreadful, in a word. God, I hate winter time. Can’t wait until Spring when we (hopefully) have lighter evenings, a bit more warmth and the smell of the Spring air. A long way to go yet.

Back to the wine…..

A.S.D Brooks

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