Brain fade……

Hello. Yes, I know I’m 46 years old but I do forget things. I remember a meeting I had to attend and didn’t even realise I had to go until the following day. I make sure I tap all appointments and stuff into my phone…..except!

It was my mate’s birthday on Friday 4th January. To be honest, I haven’t been feeling that great over the last four or five days. The weekend just gone was truly horrible, in a lot of respects. I felt abysmal in point of fact.

Today, I’ve been preparing some materials for the return of the Umpires course on a Monday. It was while just watching TV that I realised…..I forgot mate’s birthday! Aaaaagh. And then I thought, that’s taken me three days to realise. I then went into panic mode and thought I’d upset said mate. Thankfully I haven’t, but it just shows that when I don’t remind myself of things or the brain just doesn’t function the way I want it to, then I forget. But the fact it took me three days to realise my error is worrying. I just hope it isn’t the start of an alarming cognitive decline.

Bad weekend. But I’m actually glad it’s Monday. I have some things to do this week (which I have remembered) and I’m looking forward to doing them, starting with some tutoring tonight. That will shake some cobwebs out of my dusty grey matter. Much needed. A chance to sharpen up my skills.

But it could be down to a typical man’s way of forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and the like. Might need a set of jump leads to attach to my brain like a car does when the battery drains away.

A.S.D Brooks (I can remember my name….)

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