My own personal taxi….

I went to visit one of my Peer Support colleagues yesterday for a bit of dinner and a chat. The journey home was somewhat ghostly, to say the least.

It was New Year’s Day yesterday and most people were back home by evening. I started my return journey by waiting for a bus in the grounds of the local hospital, where the bus goes to on Sundays and holiday days. At 10.20 pm at night, it was eerily quiet. Not a soul, most lights off and me, on my lonesome, waiting for this bus.

It duly arrived and I had to do the whole journey until it’s terminus, where I live. For all of the 35 minute journey, I was on my own, bar two people who did a couple of short journeys of their own. So it was a personal taxi service. And that is a rarity on a London bus, let me tell you. One of the more stranger journeys I’ve undertaken in and around London. And the journey, on a normal weekday, would succumb to the usual traffic and shoppers. Not last night. Not a soul, not much going on anywhere, signs that the Christmas/New Year holiday is at an end.

But quiet. Just the way I like it.

A.S.D Brooks

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