18 becomes 19…..

So another year ends. The only thing that changes is that the 8 turns into a 9. We all have the same ups and downs that occur during the year, so why should a number change make those any different?

It’s just symbolic isn’t it really. The staleness of the old year replaced by the bright, fresh clarity of the new year. Believe me, plenty of things stay the same. The autism will be with me, every day. The anxiety will be there. But I’m glad that the holidays are finishing and we can all return to normal. I went out for a while this morning, and the shopping areas are busy, and all for what? Just tomorrow. Then on Wednesday, normality returns.

On that note, may I wish all followers and readers of the blog a very happy 2019, and that you enjoy health and happiness. And I mean that most sincerely friends…..to paraphrase an old television host from the 1970s. Don’t get too drunk and try not to make an arse of yourself. I’m staying in, being a right bore and not getting blotto for the sake of it and witnessing others making exhibitions of themselves. Sore head tomorrow? Not for me.

Happy New Year

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...