Presents from bygone days….

Afternoon. Well it’s been, and gone again. Those 24 hours in the year that everyone spends several weeks preparing for…Christmas.

I spent yesterday with family, and some of the presents my great nephews got took me back to my childhood. What kept me entertained? I remember a wind up projector, battery operated, that accepted cartridges of Disney films starring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse amongst others.

The film was projected onto a white wall and these films kept me entertained, until I did what I used to do to most electrical equipment when I was young…..break it. Worked perfectly until yours truly wanted to see it’s internal workings. Wrong move. The thing never worked properly again.

Then there was Astro Wars. A table top arcade game a little bit like Space Invaders. Hours of fun….until again I broke it by undoing it and wanting to know how it worked, or on one infamous occasion, causing a small explosion by attaching a wrong electrical adapter to the console. Boom!!!! My parents were not impressed to see their hard earned cash disappearing in this way.

So as I watched my great nephews playing a Nintendo video game, nostalgia took over. I resisted the temptation to play these games myself…..gone are the days of getting an electronic game and breaking it!

Good day yesterday. Went so quick. Slept very well and ready to watch some sport on the TV. And yes, the TV is working fine.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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