Only 48 hours from Xmas……

A little play on words from an old Gene Pitney hit from the 1960s. Yes, 48 little hours until the big day. Can’t you tell how excited how I am? Can hardly contain myself.

Not exactly a Christmassy feel weather wise today either. Damp, grey and mild. None of those scenes you get on the front of Xmas cards, with feet of snow and merry little robins hopping from tree to tree.

I went out for a brief while. Normally, Sunday trains and buses are empty. Not today. Full to bursting. Luckily I went somewhere out of the centre of all the mayhem and chaos. Had to do a bit of cricketing admin regarding verifying some identification documents for an umpire. We had a good chat and he knows some people in local cricket circles that I know too. And he’s the brother of a famous ex-cricketer. I won’t say who….

Coming back was ok. Everybody was still in the maelstrom of chaos in London so I had the pleasure of virtually empty buses and trains. Sat in a coffee shop for a while, and watched the world go by. Skies still grey with spits of drizzle in the air. Be glad when this is all over. Haven’t felt that great all week. Hoping from Tuesday onwards that I’m ok again. Been a long seven days.

Happy Christmas…..!!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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