Let’s Pick Some Adjectives….

To describe how I feel this morning. So here goes:-






Need I go on? It’s the Saturday before Christmas. It’s sunny and quite mild out. I have run out of anti depressant medication so I had to make the short trip to my local pharmacy to get some more.

The moment I set foot outside the door, I wanted to get back again. People are dashing about, everything seems busier than a normal Saturday. I was willing the bus to hurry up. Thankfully it’s only a seven to nine minute journey to get to the pharmacy. I hurried in, picked up the tablets and hurried back home. The return bus was only a minute away, so that was a relief.

Just feel absolutely like shit and probably look like it as well. It’s been a very up and down week. I’ll be glad when Christmas is over. If only I was prescribed a 96 hour knockout pill that I could take tomorrow and then that would be me out of it until the 27th. That’s how I feel this week. Tough times.

Still at least it now gets lighter in the evenings! Some small crumb of comfort.

Might go back to sleep, because I’ve been doing precious little else all week.

See ya

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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