Dreaming of Highs and Lows

Had an interesting dream last night, and I think it reflects my current state of mind.

I dreamt that I had to do a presentation in a very tall office block, several floors up. In reality, I’m ok with heights, as long as I don’t look down. I was walking around this room with big windows, speaking and then I walked over to one of the windows and looked down. Yikes. I started to feel unwell, and cut my presentation short.

Someone then said I had to go down a few floors to do another presentation. This I duly did and I started to feel ok again.

It’s funny how real life can play out in dreams. I’ve been doing presentations and even went to two mental health events in tall office blocks a few weeks ago. Add to that the very turbulent nature of this week gone and you have the perfect recipe for this kind of dream. Up and down.

The mind is a strange thing…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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