Winter Shorts……

Don’t worry, I’ve not gone out today in a pair of shorts, far too cold for those. What I mean is that it is the shortest day of the year. That time of the year when we get 7 hours 50 odd minutes of daylight. Onwards and upwards folks!

What it hasn’t stopped people doing is dashing hither and yon buying Christmas presents and food and drink for the big day. I never fail to understand why people whisk themselves into a frenzy about a time of year that lasts 24 hours. Yes, just 24 hours.

I won’t digress any further about Christmas, as it’s a long way down from the top of the soapbox. What you need to remember is that some of us don’t share that festive cheer and goodwill. We want Christmas to pass quietly and quickly and we can all get back to normal. Some of us hate the short, dark, cold days.

But we are accused of being grinches or Scrooges. Where’s your Christmas spirit? Why aren’t you happy? Remember those who don’t find this season at all joyous and merry. Don’t be unkind to those who suffer at this time of year. One day it could be you that suffers. Bah humbug and all that.

Be kind to yourself though. Take time out to look after yourself and your mental health. Don’t worry about what others think. Let them stuff themselves full of turkey, pudding and endless alcoholic beverages, so they can fart and then doze off on the sofa while The Sound of Music plays in the background on the TV.

Who said I wouldn’t get on my soapbox?


A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...