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It’s been a horrible day weather wise here in London this day. Strong wind, grey skies, lashing rain and icily cold to boot. Very unpleasant. But that’s where duvets come in handy on a day like this!

Last night was spent in the company of two of our Peer Support attendees. We went to watch that play that I’ve seen already this year, called WEIRD, about one woman’s battle with OCD. We went to the Soho Theatre in London on a busy Friday night in amongst the Christmas shoppers.

I had to take my two colleagues along. And boy did they enjoy it. There was a terrific atmosphere in the room, which housed 70/80 people at a rough guesstimate. Amy Doyle, the fabulous actress that plays all the parts, launched into a tour de force that drew widespread admiration from all in the room.

The audience laughed at the funny bits. They sat in respectful silence at the sad moments. And when it was all over, the room rose as one to applaud Amy. She seemed somewhat taken aback by the reaction, but as I’ve alluded to before, this is a great production. And the ovation was richly deserved.

And some of the applause should be reserved for this fine lady:-

The lady in question is Manchester born writer Lucy Burke, (pictured with me, above) whose battles with OCD are brilliantly displayed via the stirring Amy Doyle. It’s an earthy, vibrant production with a bittersweet, human touch. Next year, WEIRD may tour some parts of the UK. If you see it advertised, please go and see it. It’s one of my standout memories of the year.

My two colleagues loved the whole performance. I shall see it again, and I shall bring along more of my colleagues to enjoy the beauty of one of the best things I’ve seen in recent years. No praise can be too high for this.

A wonderful way to end the week.

WEIRD, A Play about OCD. Written by Lucy Burke. Directed by Peter Taylor. Performed by Amy Doyle.

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