Not my best….but it was good enough

The A.S.D Brooks Mental Health speaking tour continues……ha ha. Yesterday I was invited to do a talk in front of people from mental health charities and such from the North London area.

The main theme of the afternoon was suicide awareness. Now as we know, suicide is a serious and heavy subject. My reason for being there was to talk about my recovery journey and my autism diagnosis.

When I got up to speak, I was quite nervous. It wasn’t the best performance I’ve given, but the audience seemed to enjoy it. It was stuff from the heart and with plenty of reality and honesty. I’ve been to the brink a few times in the past and “my story” was an example that we can fight back and do things we enjoy.

Got some positive feedback and some applause, which was nice. That gratifies me. Being heard and giving the audience something to think about. The lady who organised the event wants me to come back and do a few more talks in the future.

The week I’ve had, where I’ve spent it in the company of some great people, keeps me in the moment and stops me from heading downward. I feel very lucky that I have that support network, otherwise I would be…..well the outcome would be too sad to contemplate, let’s put it that way.

More progress….and who knows that speaking tour could take off? Lot of work to do yet.

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