Communication Breakdown and speaking on mental health….

Odd day to say the least. At 6.30 am today, I had to be up and about to venture to City Hall in London for an event held by Thrive LDN, centring around improving the lives of Londoners who have mental illness. I was invited to speak for a minute or so (some say a minute too long!) about the work I do around mental health.

But a major problem beset me and 25 million others. The o2 mobile network

had a major meltdown and the whole of the UK had no mobile internet, no data and little communication. Horror of horrors, people were actually talking to each other today! That once forgotten art of conversing.

So it was a bit of a race against time to get to City Hall. But I made it, just. I scribbled down what I had to say and when it was time to speak, I did so. I just spoke about what makes a Thrive LDN champion and the talks I give on mental health. No nerves, despite the fact there were 100 people in the room!

It was a good event, and it was an opportunity before year end to showcase all what is good about looking out for others. It also gives us an opportunity to network, to hook up with others so we can all sing from the same hymn sheet.

On that note, I’ve managed to line up another possible speaking engagement. One chap said I had “presence and gravitas”. How could he tell that in 60 seconds. I must have made a good impression. However the stars of the show were two young ladies who spoke about mental health in a forthright and clear style, sounding much like rap artists. Now I’m not into that style of music but their performance was breathtaking and knocked into a cocked hat the 60 second effort from me.

(A really good day and great to network with a few people!)

So a strange day. The mobile network has made a partial reappearance this evening so I’m able to type this blog post. The people I met this morning were typically lovely and it’s a part of my life that brings much reward (spiritually) and great enjoyment. But I don’t think I could do rush hour travelling too often. Too cramped and too many people buzzing around like hornets. But this is London. Like it or lump it.


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