Improving all the time….

It’s been a good week so far, in all truth. Monday saw me do some umpire tutoring for the first time this winter and very enjoyable it was too.

The above link is a nice surprise! I’ve now been converted to another social media platform – Instagram. And if you click on the link, you will find me talking at a meeting about 6 weeks ago. It was all about what I do to maintain good mental health. That has been under strain in the last few weeks but things are looking up again. The video was broadcast on the site for Thrive LDN and I’ve got some likes and good comments. If someone can listen to the video and it makes a difference to them, then I’m pleased.

What is Thrive LDN? It’s a campaign run by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, in collaboration with NHS England, to improve the well being of all Londoners with mental health issues. I’m glad to do my bit and hopefully, someone will benefit.

Someone was sufficiently impressed (can’t think why – must have been the posh voice!) for them to invite me to speak at an upcoming event for men’s mental health. Such a contrast to years ago, where I would have run away and hid from the prospect of public speaking. Now I’m a lot better at it and with more confidence. Who knows what may come of it? Allen Brooks on a speaking tour? We shall see. Baby steps.

But it all adds up to a good week so far. Today I popped into SANE and chatted with the staff in there, who are very supportive of the struggles I’ve had in the last few weeks. That was a reassuring and pleasant experience.

Tomorrow – Peer Support in the morning and a meal with some umpiring friends in the evening. Just a decent week and the support network I have is coming up trumps. Even tonight on Halloween night, no one has knocked on the door for Trick or Treat. I’ve had a peaceful evening! In any case, I think the Trick or Treat callers would be more frightened of my face instead of the other way round. But I digress.

As a famous pop group once said around 1997, things can only get better. And they are.

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