Knocked sideways…..

Good morning. It’s Monday and the sun is shining down from a glorious blue sky. However, last week, my euphoria from the cricket tour of Portugal took a severe dent.

Wednesday of last week saw some bad health news as far as my immediate family is concerned. I won’t say who it is and what is wrong, suffice it to say that he will need a lot of strength and support from those around him.

That news has knocked me sideways really. I’m still trying to process it. My head has not been right at all. The news brings home the reality that has certainly hit me since returning from holiday. I’ve not gone out so much and I even cancelled an evening out on Friday.

Some would say why? Why cancel an evening out? Nothing is going to happen yet, so continue with your life, Allen. Well if it were only that simple to just carry on. I just cannot concentrate on things that I usually can concentrate on.

Well, eventually, I have to carry on. There will be a time when I will have to continue with my life. The bad news has come as a shock. I’m dealing with that shock. Certain things may have to be temporarily sacrificed.

Last Thursday, I went to Peer Support group. Normally, I’m in quite a good mood and keep my dialogue to the other members to a minimum. But last Thursday, the spotlight was on me. I needed to offload. I needed for others to see how I was feeling. How I kept it all together and didn’t break down was a miracle really.

After the recent cricket tour, I’ve been invited onto another one somewhere else in Europe. But this time, I may have to be here in England. I hope that the person I’m talking about is in recovery and that life can move on again. But I’ve been knocked sideways and am finding it difficult getting back on track. I’ve been through this before, a few times in fact.

It’s going to be a long, cold winter……

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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