Childhood memories….

This place was frequently visited by me back in the 1980s as the school I went to, Rushcroft, is only next door. Many a cold winter’s day saw Allen Brooks running around slowly and aimlessly, sighing nostalgically for the next English or Maths lesson. Never been the most athletic of people!

I went to this sports ground yesterday to watch a friend of mine play football. It was an exciting game too. To prove it’s a small world, the opposition goalkeeper is someone I know from cricket circles.

It was a game of typical weekend amateur football. Frequent arguments with each other, arguments with the referee and plenty of contesting of decisions. Watching the poor referee struggling to control 22 players made me think that I made the right decision to stick to cricket. Though we have our problems in cricket, it does have some traditions that are adhered to. It was quite amusing to see grown men getting worked up over not much at all. But it all added up to an exciting match.

Anyway, back to those childhood memories. I umpired one of my first matches at the venue over 30 years ago. I ran the 1,500 metres there once. I finished so late, the milkman was doing his round the following morning! I also remember sneaking across the ground to take a short cut home only to be stopped by the irate groundsman who threatened to report me to the headteacher. I quickly turned tail and took the longer way home…..

And boy it was warm yesterday. Unusually so for mid October. Today, it’s back to normal. Wet and cold. I’m staying in today, catching up on some admin. That’s what Sundays were made for.

It’s been ten days full of memories. Great to store in the mind when things aren’t so great personally. Keeps me going through those dark, cold winter months.

A.S.D Brooks

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