19 hours sleep in a day and a half….

Since arriving home, I’ve been catching up on some sleep I missed out on. 7 hours after I arrived home. 5 hours yesterday afternoon. Then 7 hours last night.

That catch up of shuteye has seen me feel more refreshed and less groggy today. I went and paid my colleagues a visit at SANE, but they were light on staff so I only stayed for a brief while. Hope to be back to normal with them on Tuesday of next week.

Had a delightful Thai green curry at a local restaurant and I am sufficiently replete this afternoon. Booked a lunch date with an old school mate of mine who I saw a few months ago. Slowly getting back into the swing of things. Also, our local cricket umpiring classes are starting soon and we have our AGM on Monday. As per the last five years, I’m in the hot seat once again. Looking forward to getting started with the new attendees soon.

Nice to be in English rather than Portuguese mode!

A.S.D Brooks

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