Travel weary or play….pack…travel…play

Hello. Sunday morning here in Portugal, and the sun is shining, as it has been from day one.

The tour party is a little weary after a long day of travelling to the game yesterday, playing the game and travelling back. Me and my room mate were really shattered and we slept like logs all through last night. Not even a herd of wildebeest would have disturbed us.

Today, we’re travelling back to the ground and then to our original hotel for the last few days. Time is flying by very quickly. We have a day off tomorrow and I think everyone will be grateful to just recharge the batteries before the final game on Tuesday. I’ve only been scoring the games and I feel exhausted.

Lovely hospitality though, at the ground. The host club are wonderful, the food and drink on offer has been very well received and it has been an enjoyable experience, if as I said, a little wearing on the mind and body. Great country this. So glad I accepted the invitation.

See you later

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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