Postcard from Portugal….

Morning. And another delightful morning here in Ansião. Sunny and hot. Just recovering from last night’s match where the touring party, Essex Seniors lost to the local team, Amigos CC in a 20 over game.

And we played under floodlights. The venue is an old football ground and it’s been converted into a cricket ground. Excellent game which my room mate umpired and I sat and did the scoring.

Just a great experience. I’ve watched floodlit cricket in England, but never been involved in either an umpiring or scoring capacity. It’s been a great laugh so far. The hotel is clean and tidy, but the town we’re staying in is rather quiet. Not a bad thing, but not much in the way of restaurants and bars.

Because of a national Portuguese holiday today, we have to move hotels to a place 30 miles away for a couple of days. Portugal is a beautiful country and the countryside is dotted with isolated villages and pretty greenery. I was so looking forward to this holiday and I haven’t been disappointed so far.

No game today, but the weekend will have games on both days. I’ve picked up a suntan and I haven’t been sitting out in the sun at all. It’s pretty boiling here, but at least it gets me away from a cooler England for these seven days.

It’s just great. So many memories to keep.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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