Afternoon. Well it was an interesting flight down to Porto today. Ooooh that take off. Gracious me. Three rounds of the wall of death. The rumble of the engines, the raw power and I just shut my eyes as we took off. A member of our touring party has an interesting sense of humour shall we say. He was winding me up with the immortal line “You don’t hear of a plane backing into a mountain, do you!” If looks could kill…..

The flight itself wasn’t too bad. 1 hour and 50 minutes. The landing was fun. I think the pilot overshot his approach and we came in a bit quick. The brakes were applied very smartly and we came to a stop in no time.

Boy it’s hot. Roasting. Clear blue skies and about 30 degrees Celsius. We had to get a light rail train with the good burghers of Porto into the main rail station, Campanha. Campanha is like Clapham Junction in England, with a similar trek to reach our train to our final destination. Who said travelling hopefully is better than to arrive? Glad to be here though, and with a super group of people. We don’t play our first game until tomorrow night, so we have loads of time to relax and shake off the weariness of the travelling.

Sitting in the shade now, chatting away, enjoying the afternoon sun, waiting for the 5.40 pm departure. Drinking something refreshing to cool off. I think I might enjoy being a portugeezer….

See you soon

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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