Post lunch nosedive…..

Odd day to say the least. Probably had too much sleep yesterday afternoon and during the night. Woke up not feeling too bad, went into my volunteering stint at SANE without any issues.

Then….after lunch, I just crashed. My head started hurting and I felt lost. There was no one in the office to talk to as they were at meetings. I had a task to do but it was mentally overwhelming. Reams of paper to sort out, and my mind drew a blank. I put the folders back in the cupboard and sat down. The crash was taking hold.

Don’t ask me why it happened. I have no idea. I couldn’t begin to fathom out why. There didn’t seem to be a trigger. I had slight feelings of loss and desolation on Saturday night but they went. Could it be the subconscious mind playing tricks? There are some anniversaries around this time of year that could just flick the switch from happiness to desolation. All very bizarre.

Let’s just get home and do that last minute packing and get everything ready for tomorrow. Once I’m away tomorrow, things might be ok.

A.S.D Brooks

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