Not Polythycemia, but possibly Sleep Apnea??

Evening. Well, it was off to the hospital this morning to see whether I have polythycemia. And the answer from the haematologist was no. The red blood cell count has stabilised and there is no need for another venesection to withdraw more blood. He alluded to doing some work on my general fitness, which could be a factor in seeing an improvement on the red cell count factor.

But…..there’s always a but. I have been getting the occasional headache and general listlessness recently. The haematologist mentioned sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is where the airways in the throat get blocked, causing the sufferer to wake up suddenly with a loud snore and the breathing will go back to normal.

Can be quite dangerous of course. Unfortunately, as I live on my own, there is no one to verify whether I wake up suddenly and with a loud snore. All I can say is that I feel generally groggy upon waking and feel very unrefreshed, no matter how long I’ve been asleep or the quality of it.

The upshot of this is a visit to the respiratory department at the hospital to investigate this. Lack of oxygen can be the cause of the headaches and general listless feeling. This seems to be the path of investigation and polythycemia has been ruled out. After my holiday, it’ll be a return to the gym to move some weight that I’ll doubtless put on over the next seven days.

General message – continue to get fitter. But this possible sleep apnea needs looking at because it is dangerous if left unchecked.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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