A dose of the panics….

Three days time, I’ll be off in holiday. But that won’t stop my inbuilt sense of anxiety kicking in, even this far out from the journey.

Trying to get off to sleep last night was a bit difficult. I was thinking about getting on the plane, the take off etc. And all this despite having flown on numerous previous occasions. My anxieties were heightened last night, my breathing was a bit erratic, I was tense and couldn’t get into a relaxed state.

This “panic attack” if you can call it that, lasted no more than four or five minutes. Then my heart rate slowed, the panic subsided and I felt back to normal again. Even this morning, I have butterflies in the stomach, but that’s more in anticipation than worry. I’ve been through this on many occasions and I try to rationalise my thoughts.

The journey is only 1 hour and 45 minutes approx. I’ll be with people I know. I’ve done two lots of four hour plane journeys before, in 2017 in fact, so what’s the problem. I’ll take some newspapers and crossword puzzles on to “distract” my mind from the trip. Also, I’ll try to split the journey into three. 40 minutes take off and climb, 40 minutes cruising altitude and 40 minutes descent.

On the day itself, I’ll be ok. The butterflies will be there, but not the anxieties of last night. I even had a brief notion of pulling out of the holiday altogether. That’s not going to happen. It’ll be ok. Rationalise, distract and relax…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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