Perseverance and Honesty not always the best policy….

One of the roles I have in cricket circles is to be a DBS verifier. Now DBS is a check done via police forces and other criminal investigation bureaux in the UK to see whether you are suitably cleared to be involved working with under 16 cricketers. All very necessary.

I had to meet a chap to verify his documents and then all would be sent off for processing. It’s all done online these days too, which is vastly quicker and easier. Unfortunately, one of the categories to check, in this case the guy’s bank statement, was proving difficult. The issue date wasn’t on the statement. I then had to use some logic to think of the correct number. He didn’t know which number he’d entered so through perseverance, I eventually entered the right one!

This individual has sat one of our winter courses so I knew him fairly well. We had a laugh about the bank statement and then it was on to discussing future umpiring plans. He already umpires locally and he wanted to know how to progress to the very top level. I said that though it’s good to have ambition, only a small number ever make it to the top, and then only through a process of dedication and hard work. That can take a lot of years.

I was just being honest. Rather too honest. The chap’s demeanour changed immediately from one of humour to one of glumness and disappointment. Oh shit I thought, what have I done here. But what I was telling him was perfectly true and sometimes you need to tell people stuff that they perhaps they don’t want to hear. Uncomfortable maybe, but that’s how it is.

Eventually the bloke’s smile returned and he came out with “I can make it to the top, but slowly and surely”. That’s the way. I’ve always found if you set your sights too high, you’ll always be disappointed if they don’t get achieved. I hope to see him join one of our courses in the winter too. Nice fella, and I hope I didn’t put him off with my honesty.

An incident packed little task, I’m sure you’ll agree!

A.S.D Brooks

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