A great group today…

Peer Support Group today. I was in need of some reality and sense after losing control of a meeting last night. This is my comfort zone. The Peer Group.

Six of us today, and though I didn’t attend all of it due to doing some admin duties, the bits I did attend were excellent. We had another person join and though quiet, he fitted in well. He might take advantage of these new one to one sessions that some of my colleagues are taking. So all good, all positive.

There were plenty of laughs, plenty of seriousness and plenty of good guidance. An excellent blend.

Next week? Well I won’t be around, but I’m sure the group will run just as smoothly. It seems to be picking up again after some quite fallow periods where interest was waning and we were short of ideas. But the new attendees have helped the upward curve and it’s a joy to attend on most weeks.

And what a gorgeous day again! Fabulous weather. It’s the 27th September for goodness sakes. The sky is a perfect blue and the sun is warm and mellow. The mornings are cool but these magnificent days certainly help the mood. Plenty more of that to come…..!

A.S.D Brooks

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