Lack of spoons….lack of control…

An odd strap line I think you’ll agree. I’ll explain why. Today found yours truly in charge of a local service user meeting (centring around mental health). The usual chairman is otherwise indisposed and I was a late stand in.

So I had to get a few bits and pieces, like tea, coffee, biscuits, cups etc. But there was one oversight – spoons to stir the tea or coffee with. So I nicked a few from the cafe downstairs at the venue. That was that problem solved.

Mind you, my mind was all over the shop anyway as I had to endure another very long bus journey. This place is only six miles away, but if you factor in rush hour and kids coming out of school, it feels like sixty six miles. Not a happy bunny when I turned up.

Yes I forgot the spoons….I may have bothered to forget myself and not turn up at all. I’ve only been to the odd one or two of these meetings, and probably with good reason. We had two guest speakers explaining a matter on welfare and benefits. All very interesting you might have thought. And indeed it was. But trying to control the 11 attendees was tricky, to say the least.

As I was there under the company’s auspices (one of the ones I volunteer for), I have to be careful what I say here. I probably was unprepared for what the group dynamic was, and they were unaware of who I was and what I was there for. At times this evening, I wondered myself. It was a difficult 90 minutes, let’s be kind here. But it does give me food for thought on improving my methods of control of the umpires courses and the AGM coming up. I have a holiday to get through next week, and probably not a moment too soon.

Not good from my point of view. I wasn’t sure whether the 11 were satisfied or not. All had certain points of view and that unnerved me. I always found it difficult to control recalcitrant cricketers over 30 years, so why should this be any different.? Still, it may only be my one attempt at this. Was glad to get on the bus and head for the hills.

Sorry to not sound positive, but you know when people don’t listen to you or you find yourself repeating yourself when people don’t listen or more to the point, don’t want to. I felt like a spare part and out of my comfort zone. I won’t put myself forward to do this again.

Now where did I put those spoons?…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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