Testing for a gene malfunction….

Another blood test tomorrow morning. Why? Well, to see whether I have polythycemia, which is in effect, too many red blood cells, causing the blood to thicken, raising the possibility of heart attacks and strokes.

The last few weeks, some symptoms which presented themselves before have returned. Tiredness, headaches (mainly on the left side of the head), and slightly blurred vision in my left eye. I had a venesection done back in the summer where a pint of blood was drawn from me. This relieved the symptoms for a good while, but there is the possibility of another venesection at some point.

The final test the haematologist has to look at are more blood samples. There is a gene in the body called JAK-2. It has a longer name but I didn’t do Latin at school. If this gene is malfunctioning, it could be the cause of the proliferation of red blood cells. That may require medication, possibly.

So I have another blood test tomorrow and a trip to the haematologist Monday week. I think we could be back where we were back in the summer. Sitting in a day ward in hospital with a whacking great needle shoved in my vein in my left arm. Certainly, physically, just not been as well as I could be recently, despite the gym work and a few pounds lost. We shall see what happens.

A.S.D Brooks

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