Peers, Vanuatu and Thriving in this mad world……

Afternoon. First of all, I would like to commence by saying that someone is viewing the blog from Vanuatu. Now where is Vanuatu, I hear you ask? Well, even with my decent grasp of geography, I had to check.

It’s in the Pacific Ocean, off the northeast coast of Australia. So somebody on a far away archipelago is viewing my everyday scribblings. I feel slightly chuffed that somebody is tuning in from some 11,000 miles away. If only more would tune in from the UK, then I would be making a real difference.

What else has been going on? Well, it was Peer Support today and disappointingly, we only had a small attendance. But we made do and mended, and discussed ways of improving our well being, not being too hard on ourselves and putting ourselves first, especially with our mental and physical health. A very fruitful and good discussion ensued over the following two hours. Enlightening and enriching.

Then I’ve been called into emergency action as a chairman of a local service user group meeting next Wednesday. The usual chairman has been otherwise indisposed, so I’ve been called in to step in to his not inconsiderable shoes, just for the evening. It’s not a meeting I attend very frequently, but it’s only for 90 minutes and it will fine tune my chairmanship skills for the umpires course which starts next month. All good practice.

Also, following on from the meeting at City Hall the other day, the organisation which runs the mental health campaign in London has retweeted and made some flattering comments about my blog post. All publicity is good publicity. As long as someone benefits from my input, in whatever sphere, than I’m happy. Money can’t buy that, and I’m glad to say I volunteer and am not worried about financial rewards at all. It’s the reward of seeing others benefit which is the greatest thing to take away.

So, busy busy. Cricket meeting tonight, and I’m just a minute taker. Be nice to see some of my umpiring colleagues and have a good chat. All good stuff.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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