Not feeling too fresh….

Gym today, but a struggle quite honestly. I’ve been managing 7.5 miles on the cycle, but my legs wouldn’t have it today, so I managed 7 miles. Don’t know the reason today why it’s been a lot more of an effort to get going.

Even the treadmill was difficult and even the walk back from the bus stop to home was painful as well. More stiffness in the legs than anything else. But as long as the weight keeps coming off, then that’s the bottom line. It’s 90 minutes of a day where I would be sitting indoors so let’s keep it going. The path to enrichment and enlightenment? A long way to go yet.

Perhaps it was a lesson in not going to the gym when not feeling physically up to it. But I went and I’m happy about that. Plenty more work still to do.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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