Why Sunday is a day of rest…

To get over the excess of a Saturday night mainly. Many’s the time when I’ve had a good Saturday night (some years ago I may add) and the Sunday is a recovery day. To laze about, nursing a sore head and watching the tv is the reason Sundays were invented!

So onto last night. It was one of my Peer Support colleagues 50th birthday celebrations. Her birthday was actually on Thursday but the festivities were yesterday. A good evening. There were 25 of us packed into a local Indian restaurant and we were all assured that the staff could cope with a huge influx of people. Er….not quite.

The food, nice as it was, was a little tardy in arriving. That’s not just my opinion as the birthday girl was also critical of the service. Still, we all had a good night but I had to get back as it was late and the buses start winding down after midnight. Mind you, that’s about the only time when they run to time properly!

Flopped into bed, but woke up in the middle of the night with a dreadful fit of itching. Everywhere. I reckon it’s that condition of polythycemia returning again. Just relentless itching and relentless scratching for over 30 minutes. Irritating and unpleasant. Might need another blood withdrawal again before the year has ended.

Bit weary today but it’s a Sunday! That day of rest. And it will stay that way for me today.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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