A great grasp of catastrophic events….

This is Donald J. Trump everyone, in case you didn’t know. He is the leader of the free world and you would think, have a firm grasp of world events and in the case of Hurricane Florence, catastrophic happenings that require real leadership in rallying your fellow countrymen and women to withstand all what nature will bring.

So, sit in the Oval Office, face the cameras and give your considered appraisal of Hurricane Florence “It’s tremendously big, tremendously wet. There will be a tremendous amount of water”. Tremendous. Award for stating the bleeding obvious. It’s just marvellous to know that the most powerful man on earth knows exactly what to say in times of crisis……

Donald Trump on volcanoes:- Tremendously hot, with a tremendous amount of lava.

Donald Trump on Thunderstorms:- Tremendously loud, with a tremendous amount of lightning and rain. Tremendously wet.

Looking forward to the next BBC weather forecast read by DJT…..tremendous.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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