I could complain…but there’s no reason to!

Afternoon. I thought about complaining about the dreadful excuse of a bus service that is getting progressively worse around my local area, or I could wax lyrical about other things that have been going on today.

Like the weather, a favourite topic of mine. A simply lovely day. Warm, mellow, sunny and a lift to the spirits. Makes me think “why am I complaining about these pesky buses?”. There are other things happening which are more enriching and less stressful on the mind.

Then onto Peer Support. We had a decent turnout today, and the new chap we welcomed last week returned today, to prove we must have done something right last week. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter we deal with, some mornings have their moments of levity, like today.

It was one of our facilitators 50th birthday, so there was a cake prepared to give to said birthday recipient. While in the process of lighting the candles and the number 50 atop the cake, the smoke set off the detectors and the fire alarm was activated. So everyone trooped outside, laughing our heads off at such a minor thing can cause this. I suppose that it proved the detectors work and we got out in next to no time, meaning the company’s emergency procedures worked well.

The cake was nice by the way……

So it was a good session, and made me thankful for what is good in the world. Sod the awful buses and long journeys, just be thankful that we can make people’s lives better, that we can have a laugh and be serious. We can be thankful that the weather is good today and ignore all the stresses that try to conspire against us. I’d better steady on, I’m becoming profound…..lol.

Off home now…..on the bus!

A.S.D Brooks

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