Phone Changeover

It’s two years since I last got a new phone and it was an IPhone 6. Like with most technology, it tends to get more unreliable as time wears on and the battery on the phone was cutting out at regular intervals, thus forcing me into buying a new IPhone 7 Plus. Nice, shiny new gadget, but with all the usual stuff on. Didn’t cost me too much to renew my existing phone contract either. So I was pleased to get that done today. 
So I’m back on the reliable side of technology for the time being. This is one item of equipment that people can’t do without these days, least of all me. I wonder how we coped back in the 1980s. The 1980s!! Just pen and paper, clunky computers, and word of mouth was all we had to communicate with each other. Now the world of the mobile phone has changed a lot of our social airs and graces. How many people do you see on the bus or train, finding out the latest gossip or playing a game on their phone. How the world has turned in 30 odd years.
But there will be the same old rubbish from me on here! That won’t change! 
A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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