A pretty garbage kind of day…

Not a great day at all. Last week I managed to find a couple of decent days of solitude and peace. And I felt generally ok. Today though, a very different story.

I did sleep a long time but not well, if you see what I mean. Woke up with a general fogginess that hasn’t really gone away, even at 3 in the afternoon. But I made myself go out, I made myself go out of that door, rather than crawling back under the duvet.

I went and did some volunteering at SANE, the mental health charity. The people there are wonderful and I needed a change from the grimness of my environment at home. But my head was still in a fog. Was given a task to do and I was in more of a muddle when I finished it. My head hurts. Simple as that.

Just about got through that and now I’m off out for the afternoon and evening, away from home, thankfully. Need some time and space to think and to breathe some fresh and quiet air.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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