The best of mates…

Yesterday I went to visit a friend in hospital. He picked up a very bad illness on the way back from an overseas holiday and had to be rushed in on Friday. It was certainly worrying for his immediate family and though thankfully he is on the mend, the hospital are keeping him in for a couple more days.

Worrying indeed, but I think someone is up there looking out for him as he had another bad experience several years ago. He’s one of the few really close mates I have, and a local one as he lives about a mile from me.

I remember when I had all my major issues back in 2010, he was very supportive, always checking up to see whether I needed anything and it was the knowing that he was there that gave me a little lift on some days.

He is the best of mates. I appreciate that he has a wife and young family and we don’t get to see each other as often as possible. But I understand that. As I said, he’s one of the few mates I have locally and paying him that visit yesterday solidified that basis on which friendships are formed. He’s been there for me, and I hope the visit yesterday gave him some company and a laugh.

I told him to let me know when he’s back home and we can meet up again. A top bloke and he’ll be back right as rain very soon.

Sorry for rambling, but trying to find the right words can be a bit difficult sometimes!

A.S.D Brooks

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