Hate Arguments and Aggro…

Yep, I absolutely deplore arguments and confrontation, of any sort. Sadly, in this day and age of social media and 24 hour news, it seems that any group or individual is fair game to be involved in conflict.

I was never a good conflict resolver. I’m the biggest coward going, or put more succinctly, a pacifist. I had 30 years of umpiring good level cricket and had my fair share of conflict, between players and from players towards me. I hated having to be a resolver of issues because simply, I wasn’t good at it. I am a very sensitive person and want everybody to get on with each other. Sadly that utopian philosophy ain’t going to work in the modern world.

That’s maybe why I don’t umpire any more. That weakness held me back from achieving decent honours in the game. I feel that I was a reasonable decision maker and I got on with most players and other umpires. Unfortunately that minority that made it difficult never saw me in my best light. The aggro wears you down. After 30 years in the middle, what’s the point anymore? And this season I’ve seen flashpoints on the field, even from the supposed sanctuary of the scorebox. I’m hearing of umpires thoroughly fed up with having to deal with problems.

Off to the gym to work off some anger and frustration that’s built up inside of me. Channel that in the right way.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...