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An umpire colleague of mine who I’ve known for 25 years or so sadly lost his wife earlier this year. I appreciate and understand all what he’s gone through in bereavement terms as both of my parents have passed on. He’s been having a tough time but still umpires cricket as a way of coping.

So onto yesterday. I went to a game in the role of an umpire observer. It was for a young chap making his way in the umpiring world who needed the observation for further progress. The two gentlemen had umpired together before but all my early attention was on observing this younger chap and making my comments.

The day was cool, yet with the threat of showers, we only had one minor downpour of about five minutes. It was a nice game of cricket. None of the histrionics, none of the silliness that has blighted some matches I’ve seen and heard about this year. Both umpires controlled it well and both teams were impeccably behaved. Also, I knew quite a few players and spectators at the game and that made me feel relaxed and I was able to enjoy the game.

My long standing colleague and friend was delighted to see me, and after I gave the young umpire my comments and observations, we went for a meal in a local Italian restaurant. Back to the young umpire. He showed tremendous potential and could be one to note in the future. In fact he performed so well, that I was concentrating on the match instead of him, which is a good sign. All positive comments which I hope he’ll take on board.

So onto the meal and myself and my friend had a good meal, good chat about lots of stuff. All very good and he remarked that seeing me brightened up his day. Now if I had a pound for every time I heard that remark, I would be richer by £3! I just hope that he knows that he should never feel left out or lonely. He always has myself and other colleagues to chat with and to have dinner with on occasions. A man who I’ve umpired with on many occasions and a guy that has supported me through my own problems. I’m delighted to return the favour.

Just a very good day.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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