Playing the weight-ing game….

A check of the scales this morning. And I’m pleased to report that I’ve gone down from 18st 7lbs to 18st 2lbs. Five whole pounds!!! The gym work is paying off.

I must confess to not feeling as bulky or top heavy as recently. I do feel physically different, in a good way of course. Other clues? The bands I wear on my wrist are not so tight and the wristwatch which normally is extremely tough to fit on my left wrist, fits easily now.

Why couldn’t I have done this before? Lack of motivation, lack of interest. I took one look at myself the other week and thought that I had to do something. Something has to go. The fat around my middle. And it is going, slowly but surely. I want to fit into clothes, for example, 38-40 inch waist trousers instead of 42-44, and sometimes 46 inch waist trousers. I remember one embarrassing incident a couple of years back when I had virtually no trousers to fit me.

It’ll be pleasure to walk into an outfitters and buy a pair of trousers that fit me. I’m working towards that day. A good start, but can I keep it going?

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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