A day full of incident…..

Afternoon. Yesterday can be put down as one of those days where it was chock full of events, good, bad and ugly.

The morning should have told me something. I felt quite dreadful to be honest. Felt extremely tired and mentally worn down. But I pushed myself out of that door. Went to volunteering at the national mental health charity, SANE, where the staff were pleased to see me after a two week absence.

Managed to get through the day ok. I even wrote a review for use on the company’s website. The moderator was very pleased with the content and the tone of the post. Got some nice praise for this particular blog, full of eloquent writing with a dash of cynicism. Not bad eh?

But there was the odd moment where I didn’t feel good, and wanted to go home. If I knew what was to await me when I got home, then probably I should have stayed in the office…..

Got home around 4.30 and I was witness to a blazing row between the neighbours downstairs. I won’t divulge the gory details, but put simply, it was very unpleasant, very nasty and involved lots of bad language and shouting. And it went on for a few hours. So, being a chap that hates any kind of fight or confrontation, it was very frightening witnessing it.

I sat in my flat, stunned and rather upset. Why do people fight and argue? It’s crazy. I suppose that’s why I’m not in a relationship currently, too much hassle. Not a good way to end the day.

Went to bed early and had an interesting dream before I woke up where my left leg was in terrific pain. And I woke up to find my left leg in terrific pain. Not sure what that was about. The pain went but that was rather puzzling.

So an eventful day yesterday. Today, quiet so far. I don’t think it’ll stay that way though…..

A.S.D Brooks

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