Sunday Slog….

Haven’t been to the gym since Wednesday of last week so I thought I would pay a visit this afternoon.

And again, it does wonders for the mind and body. Nearly 7 miles on the cycle today, and I didn’t move an inch! That’s the sort of cycle I like ha ha. 7 miles in 30 minutes. Pushing myself and getting those legs working. Really enjoyed that.

And then, onto the treadmill. A slower pace, but I kept building up the speed every two and a half minutes to work up to a good workout. 30 more productive minutes on that, and I know I’m getting better, because there are very few aches and pains and the heart rate was up from 107 to 121. So reasons to be cheerful.

The ultimate reason for all this? To reduce my weight, which hovers around 18 and a half stone, down to around 15 or 16. At the moment, I am obese, there’s no getting away from that, and at my age, I need to be reducing the risk of heart problems and high blood pressure. I was as low as 12 stone when I was a postman around 11 years ago. But that was painfully thin, now I’ve gone in completely the opposite direction.

So, good pushing today to achieve some small goals. More to come in the coming weeks, and a reassessment at the end of the month to see whether I’ve lost a bit of weight. It’ll take time. But I’m looking forward to the challenge.

A.S.D Brooks

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