Gut instinct….

Woke up after not a very good night’s sleep quite achy. Must be the last three days work in the gym. So it was a bit of a struggle to push myself out of the door this morning.

Off to Peer Support group I went. Not a very nice morning, dull, overcast and quite cold, with rain that got progressively heavier through the morning. A small turnout today, in keeping with the low attendances we’ve had for a fair while now.

Meanwhile, I had someone to deal with who wanted to join our group for the first time. I had to make an assessment on what was relayed to me on whether the person was suitable to join us. I just had a gut feeling that the person would benefit more from one to one clinical intervention than the service we offer. Without going into specifics, I had a decision to make, but also getting advice from two senior members of staff in the process. Sadly, I had to turn the person away but with some signposting to clinical services in the area and a proviso that they return when they are showing signs of improvement. The person accepted this without any problem, but I did what I thought was correct, according to instinct. Not easy, and sometimes my judgment isn’t always good, but on this occasion, the Peer Support group wasn’t for this person at this stage.

Back to the group I went and there was a surprise in store. The company had brought me a birthday cake and I was serenaded by the group and a few of the other workers. I also received a nice present of a tea mug which had an amusing inscription on it. I’m awesome, apparently…..but don’t tell anyone!

Back out into the rain to find a place for lunch, and by the time I got back home, the rain had stopped but it is quite cold, in fact the coldest day we’ve had for some little time. Quite a shock to the system.

May pay a visit to the gym later, but I have a very early start tomorrow. For what? You’ll have to find out tomorrow morning. An exciting day out… this space!

A.S.D Brooks

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